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RF Remote Solution     Gate and Garage Door Opener     

For commercial and residential gate and garage door openers, 

always carry RF remote control which offers an ultimate in safety and  

security.  In the meantime, makes your life more convenient.

They are the perfect choice for homes.    

RF Remote Solution   Identity Token

Identity tokens can be used to confirm identity to gain access

to email, networks, intranets and extranets, desktops, Web severs and. 

more. Tokens are safer to use than passwords, do not change

very often and easily compromised.  

RF Remote Solution   Electronic Door Lock

Electronic automation sensor doors and Electronic doors 

have been mostly used in our daily life everywhere.  Industries buildings,  

offices, hotels and dormitories...etc.  It is an ideal way to manage

people's entrance by central access control.  

RF Remote Solution   Automotive Immobilizer

The majority of older vehicles have ineffective security or none

at all.  An immobilizer can be a completely safe equipment to prevents the 

egine from running unless the correct key (or other token)  

is present. All cars need this protection for safety property.  

RF Remote Solution   Remote Entry System

Barrier operators are always utilized in airports, parking lots, and

office buildings. It managed vehicles entering under proper authorization.

Most applications use RF remote control as solutions including  

parking gate barriers and RFID parking control.  

RF Remote Solution   Alarm System

Protect your home and car with a wireless security system. We

provide different home, car & motorcycle alarms for customer's choices.  

With nice quality and professional support, make sure you use the

safest unit for your family.  

RF Remote Solution  

Automation Controller


A programmable controller is considered a very convenient tool

nowadays.  Mostly used in industrial settings. Such as remote equipments   

and deep water machines.  Especially for LED lightings, sprinkles,

swimming pools, and agricultural feeding control. 

RF Remote Solution   ODM Service

We've been specializing on OEM and ODM service.  Keep offering

total solutions and various technical support to our customers worldwide.  

A reliable factory you can count on.  Welcome SKD/CKD business.

Your special requirements are all welcome.