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RF Module
  • Super-Regenerative and Super-Heterodyne modules available.
  • Provide various usages as remote entry system, alarm system.
  • Compatible with almost any ASK or AM data transmitter.
Transmitter Module
  • Frequency from 315MHz, 433.92MHz to 868MHz provided.
  • Crystal-based and Saw-based are both available.
  • Provide various usages such as keyless entry, remote control, alarm and security.
RF Remote Control Subsystem
  • Self code learning up to 255 transmitters.
  • Use for Garage door openers, Trunk release, Fuel door release, LED light  and air control.
  • CE Approved.
RF Transmitter
  • Radio Frequency based on 434MHz, 418MHz, 433.92MHz, 304MHz
  • Rolling code and Fixed code provided.
  • Waterproof, Million code.
Transceiver Module
  • Frequency of 433.92MHz ( 868MHz is available.).
  • ASK and FSK modulation.  Helical or Whip antenna available.
  • Provide various usages as in keyless entry, remote control, alarm and security.
RF Converter
  • Accept transmitter codes from AutoMicro RF transmitter.
  • Convert transmitter codes to standard 26-bit Wiegand format. (RS232 available)
  • Can be used to provide access control in addition to or instead of proximity cards, RFID.
US Brand Garage Door Opener Compatible
  • The universal remote controller is compatible with most US popular brands gate and garage door openers.
  • Factory programmed Mega Code format supports over 1,000,000 codes
  • Frequency : 318 MHz, 433.92 MHz.   Btton: 1~4 button available
Car Alarm
  • Anti-Theft
  • Provide positive trigger, ignition ES connector Valet switch Negative trigger / Pin switch
Sensor / Detector
  • Compatible with any alarm system.
  • Adjustable sensitivity.
  • Range from width 2100mm, Length 1200mm.
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