Sensor / Detector

Sensors /Detectors

  • Compatible with any alarm system.
  • Adjustable sensitivity.
  • Range from width 2100mm, Length 1200mm.

ES-18: Mercury sensor

ES-20: Clear shock sensor (mechanical)          

ES-21: Shock + sound

ES-21K: Smart shock sensor (electromagnetic)

             Two stage shock sensor

             LED indicator

ES-22: Ultrasonic sensor

ES-23: Microwave (perimeter) detector

           Voltage: 12V

           Compatible with any alarm system

           Adjustable sensitivity

           Frequency: 2.5GHz +/- 1GHz

           Standby current: 11mA +/- 2mA

           Max trigger output current: 200mA

           Input voltage: 9V Min, 15Vmax

           Detection range sensitivity set to

           Max: Width 2100mm, Length 1200mm

Sensor / Detector  Sensor / Detector
ES-18          ES-20 
Sensor / Detector  Sensor / Detector 
ES-21    ES-21K
Sensor / Detector  Sensor / Detector 
ES-22  ES-23
Sensor / Detector

       * For more shapes and special spec. requirements, welcome to contact us for your OEM project.