Rolling Code

Transmitter w/rolling code

  • Rolling code technology provide the remote control transmit a unique non-repeated code.
  • FSK fits for long-distance.  It prevent possible interference.
  • Application : Garage door openers remote control, LED light control, parking lot elevator remote control.
Rolling Code
PictureModelFrequencyButtonModulationBatteryCase Size (mm)
TX-3311RS Transmitter
TX-3311RS434 MHz1AM12V38 x 32 x 10
TX-3312R-1 Transmitter
TX-3312R-1434 MHz1AM12V50 x 34 x 13
TX-3312R Transmitter
TX-3312R434 MHz2AM12V50 x 34 x 13
TX-3313R Transmitter
TX-3313R434 MHz2AM12V63 x 40 x 14
TX-3315R Transmitter
TX-3315R434 MHz2AM12V49 x 40 x 15
TX-3316R Transmitter
TX-3316R434 MHz2AM12V49 x 35 x 13
TX-4313RS-2 Transmitter
TX-4313RS-2433.92 MHz2AM12V49 x 38 x 13
TX-4311R Transmitter
TX-4311R434 MHz4AM12V70 x 34 x 13
TX-4312R Transmitter
TX-4312R434 MHz4AM12V49 x 35 x 12
TX-4312R6 Transmitter
TX-4312R6434 MHz4AM12V49 x 35 x 12
TX-4313R Transmitter
TX-4313R434 MHz4AM12V49 x 38 x 13
TXF-3313R Transmitter
TXF-3313R433.92 MHz
868.35 MHz
2FM12V63 x 40 x 14
TXF-3315R Transmitter
TXF-3315R433.92 MHz
868.35 MHz
2FM12V49 x 40 x 15
TXF-4311R Transmitter
TXF-4311R433.92 MHz
868.35 MHz
4FM12V70 x 34 x 13
TXF-4314R Transmitter
TXF-4314R433.92 MHz
868.35 MHz
4FM12V70 x 34 x 13

        * For more shapes and special spec. requirements, welcome to contact us for your OEM project.