Transmitter Module

DT01SL Transmitter Module
Product Name : Transmitter Module
Product Description


1. Output Power : 5 dbm (3mW)
2. Current Consumption (TX) : 4.2mA~7.8mA
3. Working Voltage : 2.6~12V
4. Modulation : ASK
5. Data Rate : 10K/s
6. Antanna : On Board Loop
7. SAW-based
8. Size : 23.3 x 30 mm

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    Product Character

          DT01SL series is a radio frequency crystal or saw based transmitter module which can facilitate the OEM designers to design their applications in low data rate wireless communication systems in the quickest way. The circuit is designed with SMD components and the module size is small enough to be able to be fitted in almost any application.

    Transmitter Module

     Application : 

    n   Keyless entry systems

    n   Remote control systems

    n   Alarm and security systems

    n   Low data rate wireless communication systems