RF Remote Control Subsystem

GS-04R1 RF Remote Control Subsystem
Product Name : RF Remote Control Subsystem
Product Description


Receiver Type: Super regenerative
Demodulation: AM/ASK
Operation frequency: 433.92MHz
Sensitivity: -107dBm
Power supply: 110V / 220V outlet
Number of Relay: 1
Relay Operating mode : Latch
Memory Capacity: 10 transmitter
Overall dimension: 91 X 56 X 30 mm

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    Product Character

          The receiver GS-04R1 is a 1 relay output receiver, operating at 433.92MHz in AM/ASK modulation. It is most suitable for garage door operator installation. The receiver can plug directly in 110/220V outlet without any external transformer or power from garage door operator.  GS-04R1 has an extended flexible wire antenna from the receiver case to assure maximum radio reception.  


    • Latch type:


    The activated relay will be closed until you push the button again. You can use it to control a 110V or 220V AC lamp or appliance by connecting through a suitable external strong AC-relay first. Push the transmitter’s button to turn the lamp or the appliance on. Repress the button will turn it off. 


     Application : 

    n   Automotive remote entry systems

    n   Automotive alarm systems

    n   Automotive immobilizer

    n   Gate and garage door openers

    n   Electronic door locks

    n   Identity tokens

    n   Burglar alarm systems