RF Remote Control Subsystem

GS-04R4 RF Remote Control Subsystem
Product Name : RF Remote Control Subsystem
Product Description


Demodulation : AM/ASK
Operation Frequency : 433.92MHz
Sensitivity : -107dBm
Power Supply : 12V DC / 24V AC
Number of Relay : 4 (NO/NC Selectable)
Relay Operating Mode : Pulse / Sustaining / Latch
Memory Capacity : 60 transmitter keys
Overall Dimension : 107 x 91 x 35 mm

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    Product Character

          The receiver GS-04R4 is a 4 relay output receiver, operating at 433.92MHz in AM/ASK modulation. It is suitable for home security system and automatic opening/closing system.  The receiver has 4 relays outputs. 3 operation mode is selectable, Latch, Pulse or Sustaining. The power supply is 12V DC or 24V AC. 

    Each model can be independently programmed to set the relay output mode as follows:

    • Pulse type:

    The activated relay will be closed for 2 seconds for each activation. This is the most widely used application such as garage opener. 

    • Sustaining type:

    The activated relay will be closed for as long as the transmitter button is held down. You can connect it to a buzzer so that the buzzer will sound for as long as the transmitter’s button is down. 

    • Latch type:

    The activated relay will be closed until you push the button again. You can use it to control a 110V or 220V AC lamp or appliance by connecting through a suitable external strong AC-relay first. Push the transmitter’s button to turn the lamp or the appliance on. Repress the button will turn it off. 

     Application : 

    n   Automotive remote entry systems

    n   Automotive alarm systems

    n   Automotive immobilizer

    n   Gate and garage door openers

    n   Electronic door locks

    n   Identity tokens

    n   Burglar alarm systems