RF Wiegand Converter

WS-04R2 RF Wiegand Converter
Product Name : RF Wiegand Converter
Product Description


1. Receiver Type : Super Regenerative /Super Hetrodyron
2. Demodulation : AM/FSK
3. Operation Frequency : 433.92MHz
4. Sensitivity : -107dBm
5. Power Supply : 12V DC / 24V AC
6. Output Type : 1
7. Overall Dimension : 93 x 75 x 30 mm

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    Product Character

          The receiver WS-04R2 is a super RF receiver operation at the frequency 433MHz.  It is composed by a main board in which there are the power supply output connectors and by a RF card.  The two outputs have an open drain configuration with output signal in "Wiegand 26 bit format".  The appliance is housed in an indoor container.    

    The information contained in the frame sent by the transmitter is composed by a ROLLING CODE, a FACILITY CODE, a KEY CODE and a SERIAL NUMBER.

    1.  Usable Transmitter

     TX-4313SC : 1,2,3,4 buttons transmitter are available. 

    2.  Pin Definition & Master Wiring

         A1  VCC                    A2  GND                
      A3  DATA 0 A4  DATA 1
      A5  No use A6  No use

    RF Wiegand Converter